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Spotlight on Shopify-Sage 50 Integration

The Shopify-Sage 50 integration program from Celox Software can operate completely automatically, taking data from your Shopify store on an hourly basis, transferring it to your system and updating Sage without you needing to take any action whatsoever.


New customers are added to Sage, existing ones have their static data updated if it has changed.

Purchase Orders

Shopify orders are posted to Sage; if the Shopify product code exists in Sage then that is used, otherwise the default Sage product code of 'S1' is used together with the description from Shopify. Discounts and UK VAT are accounted for.

Receipts & Transaction Fees

The gross receipt from the customer is posted as an 'on-account' receipt, ready to be matched with the sales invoice. Shopify gift cards are handled.

Shopify's transaction fees and credit card charges are posted to Sage as bank payments.

Annual licence from £499 (+VAT) for 1 Sage company; discounts for additional companies
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Sage 50 Services

Celox Software is a Professional Sage Developer able to provide the following services:

Microsoft Access Databases

Microsoft Access is our favourite development tool. With Access we can produce easy to use, great looking, robust software that meets the client's exact requirements quickly and efficiently. Take a look at some of our previous projects:

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