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Elliott Brown Agency

Commercial Model Agency
Established for more than 35 years Elliott Brown Agency has grown to be one of the leading provincial agencies in the country. With over 1,000 professional models on its books clients include major advertisers and catalogue publishers.

A database to handle model bookings and client invoicing has been used for a number of years, but the accounting itself had always been carried out manually. After a period of sustained growth the agency had reached the point where it made sense to move its accounting to a computerised system and at the same time investigate the possibility of modifying the database to post transactions directly to the accounting software.

Following-up on a recommendation, Elliott Brown approached Celox Software for its proposals for an accounting system that could handle the agency’s requirements, and how the database could best be modified to post transactions to the accounting system. After an initial investigation into the operation of the database and the accounting needs of the agency, Celox Software produced a specification of its suggestions. This included the recommendation of a two-user licence of Sage 50 as well as detailed proposals for how the database needed to be amended to integrate with Sage.

The final result is a modified database that posts client invoices and receipts directly to Sage as well as a completely re-written model payment system. When a client receipt is recorded this triggers a payment to the relevant model or models. These payment transactions are processed periodically and self-billing invoices posted to Sage along with the corresponding payment transaction. The effect is that most of the accounting is carried out ‘behind the scenes’; apart from streamlining some of the processes the use of the database has hardly changed.

Elliott Brown Agency now benefits from an accounting system that can produce accurate management accounts and VAT returns as a by-product of its normal day to day activities.