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The initial approach from Focchi Ltd was a request to provide a mechanism to export data from Sage 50 so that the parent company, Focchi SpA, based in Italy, could import the data into its own bespoke AS400 financial accounting software.

Needless to say, the data structure of Sage 50 (nominal accounts, departments, projects, cost codes, etc.) did not match the data structure of the AS400 system. But in the final analysis, debits are debits and credits are credits. So the problem was reduced to the basics of extracting the data from Sage 50, mapping Sage entities and codes to their equivalents in the AS400 system, and writing a file for importing into the AS400 system. Sounds simple! The devil is, of course, in the detail, but a precise and detailed specification of the mapping required has resulted in a simple to operate and reliable transfer program.

Following on from the success of the data transfer software Focchi Ltd commissioned a bespoke purchase order system, integrated with Sage 50, the key elements of which are:

  • Purchase order authorisation based on individual buyer's authorisation limits
  • Complex order requirements, including:
    • Verbose description of order lines
    • 'TBA' (To be agreed) pricing - requiring high level order authorisation
    • Ability to reference drawings and other specifications attached to the order
  • Repeat orders
  • Goods received processing and matching to invoices
  • Invoice authorisation according to project manager's authorisation limit and agreement of invoice with purchase order value
  • Disputed invoice management
  • Subcontract valuation and retention calculation
  • Self-billing documentation for subcontractor payments

The complex nature of both these projects means that it is highly unlikely that they could be used by other clients, but are illustrative of the nature of projects undertaken by Celox Software Ltd.