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Spotlight on Sage 50 Duplicate Invoice Posting Add-on

Versions of Sage 50 prior to the 'February 2016 Update' for version 22 had the flaw that the batch invoice entry forms didn't prevent invoices being posted to the ledgers more than once. This simple to operate 'add-on' for versions prior to Version 22 prevents duplicate invoices being posted and paid twice.

Simple Setup

Sage 50 Duplicate Invoice Setup Form
Hide or reveal columns for 'Ex Ref', 'Dept' and 'Project' and decide your criteria for checking duplicates. Any combination of: supplier code, invoice reference, extra reference and invoice date.

Enter Transactions

Sage 50 Duplicate Invoice Transaction Input Form
Invoice transactions are input using a form that mimics the standard Sage batch input screen. The F6 key copies from the row above, exactly as it does in Sage.

Post to Sage

The 'Post to Sage' checks to ensure invoices in the batch do not exist in Sage already and only posts new invoices. If any duplicates are found they remain on the form for manual checking and deletion.

30 days free trial
Annual licence £99 (+VAT) for 1 Sage company; discounts for additional companies

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